Sorry, the practice is currently closed. If you need emergency medical assistance please dial 999. If you need urgent medical assistance please call NHS 111.


We are now accepting eConsult forms for clinical advice and administration queries.

We are delighted to announce that alongside our current triage system we are also using eConsult to allow our patients to submit clinical and administration forms online.  The main benefit of this new system is that patients do not need to call the practice, to request certain information, saving you time. The opening hours to submit these forms are 7am-5pm Monday-Friday.

Clinical advice forms allow you to request advice regarding a specific problem or condition, you will be navigated to a list of over 100 common medical problems, once you have identified your problem you will be asked a series of questions to better understand your symptoms. Your responses will then be sent to the practice and triaged by one of our clinicians (GP). You will be contacted with their decision and treated by the most appropriate clinician, this may be your GP, a Practice Nurse, a Clinical Pharmacist or a First Contact Physio depending on your clinical needs.

The response time for clinical forms is 2 working days, this does not mean the request will always be completed in this time, but we will respond to you within the timeframe to advise of the next steps.

Administration forms submitted through eConsult is the new way to request non-urgent administrative advice. The response time for admin forms is 3 working days, this does not mean the request will always be completed in 3 days, but we will ensure to update you if this is the case. Please note these forms are not to ask about medical concerns.

The types of administrative forms that can be completed are:

  • Discuss a recent test(s)
  • Sick note (fit note) – please by aware that you may be asked to submit a full eConsult form regarding your symptoms if deemed necessary by the doctor and these can take up to 7 days to complete
  • Request Maternity Exemption Certificate
  • GP letter
  • Medical Report
  • Medical Examination
  • Other requests for documents or paperwork

eConsult has been used by other practice’s for quite some time however it is new to Rothschild House Group, which means our staff and clinicians are still getting used to the new process, we ask that you bear with us whilst we continue to accustom.