COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

The surgery would like to provide the following update regarding the Covid Vaccination Programme for our patients.

Rothschild House Group along with all the other GPs in Dacorum have come together and joined forces to deliver this programme together. This means we can make the most of our workforce and deliver the programme most effectively for patients.

This will be a phased programme with sites opening up across west Hertfordshire over the coming weeks. The appointments will be at a central site and NOT at your local surgery branch. In Dacorum a site has been identified and the plans are progressing well. We have been informed that the programme will be up and running, vaccinating local people in early January.

As publicised heavily in the media the government has set out the priority groups to receive the Covid vaccine, and so it is the over 80s in our area who will be invited to have their jab at the centre first. Other priority groups will follow as more supplies are made available.

At present the invites are being managed centrally and we are urging everyone who is called in for a Covid vaccination appointment to accept and to make sure they return for the second dose – around 21 days later.

We would also thank you for your support and once again request that patients please wait until they are contacted, rather than ringing or walking into the surgery. As you can imagine, our colleagues working on this huge programme of work are keen to focus on this task, and also on the other ways that general practice is trying to look after patients during these busy winter months. We will continue to keep patients informed as we receive updates on the progress of this programme.

Finally we are reminding everyone to help us to slow the spread of this virus, by remembering the key measures we can all take: wear a face covering; keep socially distant from other people; and wash hands often and well.

In Dacorum, all the GPs have joined forces and the Covid vaccination centre has been set up in Maxted Road, Hemel Hempstead.

Primary care has been entrusted to vaccinate all patients aged 50 and over and we will be doing so by strict order of priority as adviced by the JCVI .

We are all running a text/call service using a system called AccuBook. If you have a mobile phone, you will likely receive a message from your GP surgery inviting you to make an appointment for your jab. If you do not have a mobile phone, you will get a phone call instead.

At the same time, NHS England is setting up a central NHS booking system for its sites, including the one in Stevenage. It is therefore possible that some local residents will receive both a text/call from their local GP and a letter from the NHS about the site in Stevenage. It is possible that you might get the letter from the NHS about the Stevenage site first, and this may well be confusing for some. You as the patient will have a personal choice. If you choose to go to Stevenage, you can. But you are not obliged to – you can get your jab in Maxted Road, Hemel Hempstead, once your GP gets in contact.


Question: How will we be invited for an appointment.

Answer: Text message, or a phone call for those who don’t have mobile phones.

Question: Do I have to go to the Stevenage vaccination site?

Answer: No, it is your choice, you can wait to be called by your GP to attend the Hemel Hempstead vaccination centre.

Question: Where will we be getting the vaccine?

Answer: One Central Site in Dacorum.

Question: When do I need to contact the surgery to make an appointment?

Answer: Do not contact the surgery, we will contact you

Question: What are the priority groups for vaccinations?