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COVID-19 Medical Exemption Certificate

Dear Patients,

As the very successful Covid-19 vaccination programme is nearing two thirds uptake for booster doses in our adult population, we are now beginning to get a growing number of patients realise that without getting fully vaccinated or without having a valid vaccine medical exemption certificate completed by their GP, they cannot continue their employment, travel to any destination internationally or attend some events.

At Rothschild House Group, we fully support the importance of the vaccination programme and urge those who are not fully vaccinated to book their appointment as soon as they are invited.

There are very few patients eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine medical exemption certificate.

The criteria are as follows:

  • People receiving end of life care where vaccination is not in the person’s best interests.

  • People with learning disabilities, autism or a combination of impairments which mean that vaccination and testing result in distress and who cannot be vaccinated through reasonable adjustments such as an accessible environment.

  • A person with severe allergies to all currently available vaccines.

  • Those who have had an adverse reaction to the first dose (for example, myocarditis).

Other medical conditions could also allow you to get a medical exemption.

At Rothschild House Group we do not believe that there are any other reasons for a medical exemption and this was agreed amongst all the GPs. It must also be stressed that the medical exemption does not guarantee that you can travel to all destinations as local rules may apply.

If you need a medical exemption and are in one of the four above groups, you can apply by phoning 119 and ask for an NHS Covid Pass medical exemption application form. Complete your part of the form and return it to the surgery.

There is a fee of £40 which is payable whether or not you are successful in your application. We will clinically review the application and will return the completed form to the Government authority.

You should not book an appointment with your GP about this. It wastes valuable appointments. The Government authority will write back to you with an outcome.

Thank you all for your cooperation in helping us to help you.

Get jabbed to protect yourselves and those that you care about.

Kind Regards,

Rothschild House Group